Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Planet Marly Goes on a Diet

Oh readers, you've been so patient with me. How long have I been promising to post my years-in the-making Fried Chicken Report. I know you're waiting for this, and I am soooo sorry.

Truth is, while reminiscing about crispy skin I've also self-elected myself to review all of Ben & Jerry's new flavors (Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream, Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler, Cinnamon Buns, revamped S'mores, although not yet getting around to Banana Split or Crème Brulee)...and that's when I realized, while in the changing room at the bathing suit store, that taste-testing ice cream and fried chicken is not conducive to wearing a bathing suit!!

So for this issue of Planet Marly Food Blog I cannot really talk about food, says my short-term yet cruel diet. When even an innocent Spudnut donut got rejected this morning, well then that's when you know my dedication is on fire.

While we're on the subject of trimming, are you with me when I say there are too many words in the phrase "food blog." How 'bout I call this a fooblog instead? a fobloog? a floog? Has this been done before? I'd like to call it a floog, but according to the urban dictionary "floog" means a whiny little British girl, and this food blog is in no way a whiny little British girl. Rather, it is a detour (today only), on the topic of
movies. Oh yeah I am psyched.

First up, a basic refresher on movie etiquette:
NO talking, cell phones, texting, long-term whispering or snack bag crinkling. But this isn't news, you already know this.

And here's the summer flicks I've seen so far, rated on a 1 to 4 M&M scale:

Disturbia = mmm

Knocked Up = mm 1/2

Mr. Brooks = mm 1/2

Paris j'Taime = mmmm

Spiderman 3 = mm 1/2

Surf's up = mmm

Alas thinking about movies just leads me to think more about movie popcorn. And due to this diet it's true I gave up my ritual of the buttered 'corn fix Sunday at the AMC. Popcorn is now all I can think about, pop pop, crunch crunch, wafting butter smell wafting butter smell. Ok ok you've made your point, maybe I am weak and can't post to this fobloog without mentioning food. Let's just run with it... Here is a short list of items I like to add to my popcorn:
1. butter
1a. butter and Louisiana hot sauce

1b. butter and shredded Cheddar cheese and pecans and black pepper

2. butter-flavored oil

2a. butter-flavored oil and plain M&Ms

3. sour cream and chive flavor

4. white cheddar flavor

5. truffle oil and sea salt

And you wonder why I'm on a diet??


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